Your Guide to Surprising that Special Someone with the Perfect Wine Themed Present

The holidays are upon us. And with the festive season comes the yearly struggle to find the perfect gift. Sometimes, shopping for friends and family can be overwhelming and frustrating, stealing your yuletide joy.


However, with gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Though it’s everyone’s goal to surprise your loved ones with something they will truly enjoy. Seeing their pleasantly surprised face is a big part of the joy of giving.


Luckily, we have some great ideas to get you started marking off that gift-buying list. You likely have a wine lover, or several, in your life that will enjoy a gift honoring their favorite beverage. Check out these amazing ideas for the vino enthusiast on your holiday shopping list.


From experiences to memberships, there is something for everyone. You can find small trinkets or large surprises that your favorite wine lover will enjoy. Either way, your thoughtful gift will make their enjoyment of wine even that much more special.


And don’t forget to prep your gift for the perfect presentation. Sometimes, the most simple gifts can be made amazing by adding a little special something to the packaging. Get creative and have fun when presenting your thoughtful gift.


Don’t let your shopping process stress you out. Take your time, stay organized, and be patient as you search for the perfect gifts. Check out all of these awesome wine-themed ideas that Temecula has to offer and happy shopping!

Wine Experience Gifts – For Interactive Enjoyment

For that person that seems to have everything, why not surprise them with an amazing experience they will enjoy? This is a good way to splurge on something they may not want to pay for themselves. You might even be able to find an experience they didn’t know existed! Plus, you might get to come along and make some memories with them in the process.

A Unique Temecula Wine Tour For a Gift

Best giftsyou can get for a California wine lover.

The Temecula Valley is the perfect place to surprise your loved one with a wine tour. This allows them the chance to visit some of the best wineries in the region. Plus, they will get to taste new wines along the way, an experience they are sure to be grateful for!


Book them a surprise reservation on the Temecula Cable Car Wine Tour for an unforgettable experience. This all-inclusive wine tour is a five-hour gift of great fun. Your favorite wine lover will jet around the valley on an open-air cable car, getting behind the scenes peeks at three awesome wineries.


The expert tour guide will teach your recipient all about the vineyards and region as they relax and ride. They will learn about the winemaking process and the experts that have honed their craft for generations. Fun facts about the history of the area only add to the fun.


They will sample some delicious wines along the way, finding new favorites. Book two tours and go along for the ride. The tour even includes a delicious lunch at a winery for an unbeatable package. Grab a bottle of their favorite pick along the way to add to your gift-giving spirit.

A Memorable Flight to See the Wine Vineyards in Temecula

Hot air balloon flights are a super popular Temecula Valley activity. Soaring above the vineyards and watching the sunrise makes for a pretty spectacular experience. The awesome memories that riders create make this a perfect, unforgettable gift.


The hot air balloon flight will allow them to take in the sights of the stunning vineyards from high above. Your lucky recipient will get a bird’s eye view of where the area’s best wine is created. Then, after landing, they can enjoy a tasting of their own.


Most local hot air balloon companies include complimentary champagne or mimosas after your flight. Toast to a successful flight and nibble on a light breakfast. If you choose California Dreamin’ Balloon rides for your ride, you can even schedule a wine tasting at your landing spot. Vindemia Winery, the company’s home base, even gives you a discount on your flight.

A Relaxing Day Poolside in Temecula, Drinking Wine

Give your favorite wine-lover something to look forward to this spring. Bottaia Winery has one of the best pools in all of Temecula. They also happen to offer an incredible selection of wine from their onsite winery.


Rent a cabine and make chaise reservations for the ultimate day poolside. This will give your wine lover everything they need to relax and recharge under the Temecula sun. The cabines feature private changing rooms and showers for uninterrupted luxury.


This stunning pool is the perfect place to hang for wine lovers of all ages. They can even bring their kiddos along to play in the splash pad. Include a gift card so they can grab lunch and their favorite bottle from the Pool Cafe and Cocktail Bar.


Want to really splurge on your loved one? The pool offers memberships so they can enjoy the amenities all season long. Gift your wine lover with a pass that just keeps on giving. It even includes complimentary glasses of sangria with each visit.


You can also add to their experience at Bottaia with a gifted experience at the wine blending lab. This is a must-do for any wine lover. Here, they will create their own special blend using the winery’s fresh red wines. Then, it will be bottled for them to take home and enjoy. This custom gift is a fun conversation piece they can save to enjoy for a special occasion.

Tools of the Trade – To Enhance Wine Drinking

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Sometimes gizmos and gadgets just make everything more fun. The same can often be said for drinking wine. Finding the perfect trinket can help take enjoying wine to the next level. That makes these items perfect to gift to the wine lover in your life.

Wine Cork Collectors

Many wine lovers enjoy collecting their corks and looking back on the wine they’ve enjoyed. However, it can be tough to find the perfect place to store all of the corks that pile up. Give your favorite wine lover a perfect way to collect their corks and even creatively display them.


Check out local shops with wire cork holders made by area artisans. These containers can range from rustic to traditional and look charming on kitchen counters. You can even find them in the shape of your recipient’s favorite animal.


Customized shadow boxes are another fun way to display used corks. They can be personalized with your recipient’s name or favorite quote about wine. These can be hung on the wall, allowing them to collect their corks without losing valuable counter space.


Another wall hung option is a wooden cork collecting frame. Your wine lover will be able to fill the open slots in the board with their favorite corks, creating a fun work of art. Look for one in the shape of California to pay homage to their favorite wine regions.

Travel Items for Wine on the Go

Enjoying a glass in the Southern California sun is one of the favorite pastimes of many wine lovers. Make it easy for them to carry their wine on the go with the perfect on the go accessory. Luckily, BruMate has mastered the art of portable drinkware.


Local company Tiny Trucker Co. carries BruMate’s iconic thermos wine tumbler. A metal stemless wine glass, it’s perfect for the outdoorsy wine enthusiast. Double-walled and BPA-free, it’s an awesome go-to gift from everyone from the mail carrier to your kiddos teacher.


Canned wine has become all the rage lately for its convenience and portability. But how do you keep your favorite white chilled in the hot Temecula sun? BruMate makes a pretty fantastic slim can cooler perfect for just that. Temecula’s Gold Blush Boutique carries a variety of colors for any wine lover’s taste and style.


Fortunately, BruMate carries an option for nearly any budget. You can grab the budget-friendly and adorable champagne flute for on the go toasts. The Winesulator wine canteen is a perfect way to keep a whole bottle chilled. Or grab a gift set for that wine-loving couple on your list. No matter your desired price range, you can find the perfect metal drinkware to put under the tree.

A Great Aerator for Optimal Taste

An aerator is an awesome little tool that can greatly improve the taste of your wine. One of the best aerators out there is made by the Rabbit brand. Gifting this to a wine lover allows them to enjoy their favorite bottles to the fullest.


This simple device speeds up the breathing process of wine. It allows a bottle to be opened and immediately poured for the best taste and aroma, no waiting for it to breathe needed. By adding air to the wine, it exposes it to more oxygen, allowing the flavors to expand.


BevMo is an awesome little local wine shop that carries The Rabbit Super Aerator. Stop by and pick up this perfect gift. You can even have it gift wrapped by the friendly staff and delivered directly to your lucky recipient.

Memberships and Subscriptions – The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

hosting a wine tasting in Temecula

Do you want to gift something that your recipient will appreciate long after they receive it? The gift of membership is a perfect choice. This allows them to reap the benefits of your generosity for months or even years to come.

The Wine Club at Ponte Winery

Ponte Winery offers one of the area’s most popular wine clubs, and for good reason. Not only does it give members access to their amazing wines, but it also has some awesome benefits and perks. The gift of this membership is an awesome choice for any wine lover, whether they are local or not.


With this membership, three bottles of the winery’s very best wines are shipped right to its members six times a year. It can also be picked up right a the winery if you are local to the area.


This membership has choices for every wine lover. The Winemaker’s Choice plan gets your recipient three new releases in each shipment. You can also opt for plans that include either only red wines or just white ones. There’s even a Beverino Only plan for the sweet wine lover in your life.


Wine Club shipments are automatically billed to you and sent to your recipient. This makes keeping the gifting going a no-brainer. Your favorite wine lover will be thrilled when their shipment arrives every other month.


Your recipient will also get other great member perks. They receive complimentary tastings for two at Ponte Winery plus a discount on wine and merchandise. Members even get a percentage off at the on-site restaurant and hotel.

Wine Magazine Subscriptions

The wine lover in your life is likely always learning about their favorite wines. A monthly magazine allows them to keep their knowledge game up. Plus, they will stay up to date on the latest happenings in the wine world.


Wine Spectator magazine is one of the best in the industry. Gifting a subscription to this publication means your grateful recipient will receive fifteen awesome issues a year. Each one is jam-packed with wine tips, tricks, and great recipes.


The magazine also features fascinating interviews with industry leaders and experienced winemakers. It’s full of helpful info to help wine lovers expand their knowledge. It even features restaurant reviews to discover the newest great eatery. Plus, you can set up your gift subscription right from the comfort of your home.

Gift Giving Tips

No matter what direction your gift search takes you, keep your gift-giving fun! The joy of giving is all about putting in the time of effort when selecting the perfect gift for that special someone. And the joy that your gift brings to the one you love.

Wine Gift Giving Tips

A recipient list is important to keep your shopping on track. It will make sure you don’t forget or overlook anyone. It will also keep you organized, making the shopping process way less stressful.


Looking into the types of wine your recipient loves can give you a great start in selecting the best gift for them. Does your friend only drink reds? Then a champagne flute might not be the most thoughtful gift. Maybe your sister loves chilled rosé. An insulated decanter can keep her favorite vino at just the right temperature.


Maybe you are buying a wine-related gift for someone you don’t know as well. Don’t be afraid to ask the people that know them best for help. You can even ask the would-be recipient for ideas if you really find yourself stumped.


However you go about the process, don’t settle until you find the perfect gift. Your time and effort won’t be overlooked. And you’ll be overjoyed when you find the ideal gift and check it off your shopping list.

It’s All in the Presentation

It would be a shame to waste all of the time finding the perfect gift and not putting any effort into the presentation. A little extra time and work put into prepping your present can take it to the next level.


Find a fun wine bag to present that unique bottle. Even a cute wine charm set tied to the neck can make a basic bottle feel more special. Be sure to take extra care and thought when preparing fragile gifts, especially if they will need to travel or be shipped.


Think outside the box when wrapping your gift. It’s also important to think about your recipient and their taste and preferences.


Your eco-conscious friend will appreciate your efforts to make their gift wrap more sustainable. Use recycled paper and reusable ribbon. You can even wrap their gift with a fun, organic wine towel that can provide them use for years to come.


Consider the season or special occasion when wrapping your gift. Add a mini Santa hat or scarf to a bottle for a festive surprise. Tuck a sprig of pine or holly under the ribbon for a touch of yuletide joy. Create a wine-themed basket complete with cupcakes for your best friend’s birthday.


Even if you are gifting an experience or subscription, you can still make a creative impression. Tuck your friend’s new wine subscription in a personalized wine glass. Gift your mom with a wine tour and a photo frame, ready to be filled with a memory of the event. Surprise your sister with a poolside reservation tied to a pair of flip flops. These added touches make your gift even more special and fun.

The Joy of Giving

Two women holding wine glasses

Though it may seem that gift-giving is all about the recipient, you too will find joy in that just-right gift. The satisfaction of finding the perfect item for that wine lover in your life will be a great feeling. And when you present it to your loved one and feel their appreciation, all of your time and effort will pay off.


Luckily, the Temecula Valley has plenty of options for everyone on your gift-giving list. From grand gestures to small trinkets, you can bring wine-themed joy to everyone this season. And who knows? You’ll likely receive some great wine gifts in return!