Your Guide to the Perfect Fun Fall Feast in Wine Country

There is a lot to be grateful for in The Temecula Valley. From the great weather to the incredible scenery, it’s a perfect setting to enjoy the great outdoors. The delicious food and impeccable wine make it an ideal location for any holiday.


One of those celebratory times is Thanksgiving weekend. This holiday is all about family, friends, food, and wine. When you’re immersed in a beautiful region, you’re able to reflect on the year and everything you have to be thankful for.


Choosing The Temecula Valley for your Thanksgiving is a wise choice. Whether you are celebrating with a group of friends, extended family, or just your household, there are tons to see and do. Plus, the climate makes fall a perfect time to visit.


There are a few challenges to planning a holiday away from home. Planning ahead ensures that you can relax and enjoy your time away. Having your meals and activities lined up guarantees a great and memorable time can be had by all.


Maybe you’re local to Temecula and you’re just looking for a different way to celebrate this year. There are some awesome ways to mix it up and have a fun and innovative Thanksgiving weekend. Celebrating safely is possible with tons of great area choices.


From your Thanksgiving meal to places to stay, there are options for every preference. Plus, you’re in the ideal place to find the perfect wine pairing for your meal. Making a weekend out of the Thanksgiving weekend is entirely possible with all there is to see and do in Temecula. Here is all you need to know to plan your fall festivities in one of the country’s greatest wine regions.

Your Perfect Feast – Food in The Temecula Valley

Of course, it’s Thanksgiving. The food is the center of the celebration. Finding the best meal is easy with all of the quality choices in Temecula. So whether you want to dine out, order in, or prep your own feast, there’s an option for you in the area.

Modern Comfort Food

Bushfire Kitchen, 40665 Winchester Road, Suite #B1, Temecula


Thanksgiving is all about comfort food. For many, it’s about enjoying the same nostalgic meals year after year. These tastes remind many of the fond memories of sitting around the Thanksgiving table for decades.


At Bushfire Kitchen, you can get all of the sentiment, without the dirty dishes. This amazing restaurant offers a creative menu, full of choices perfect for your Thanksgiving meal. Make a reservation or order takeout to enjoy a grand feast without the work.


Here, you can skip the turkey and try the Free-Range Grilled Chicken. The Baked Sweet Potatoes and Grandma’s Mac and Cheese make the perfect Thanksgiving sides. You can even feed four with a family pack of the Braised Brisket with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and your choice of side.


You can also mix it up a bit and try a new twist on the traditional Thanksgiving fare. Enjoy the Spaghetti Bolognese and Balsamic Brussels Sprouts for an Italian twist on your feast. Or, check out the Curry Cauliflower with the Peri Peri Chicken for a delicious ethnic fall meal. Either way, you’ll be able to savor an amazing feast without even lifting a finger, just your fork!


Create a Custom Meal

Your Sous Chef, Serving the Temecula Valley Area


Sometimes you just crave home cooking without all of the fuss. Your Sous Chef is the perfect solution. Create a menu perfect for your Thanksgiving meal and they’ll handle the rest.


Taking advantage of the bounty of the region, Your Sous Chef uses locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also strive to make their meals organic, all-natural, and responsibly raised. You know that you’ll be getting out of this world dishes with quality ingredients.


The owner, Chef Daniel, enjoys working closely with his clients. He is committed to high quality and standards. Because of this personal touch, you know that you’ll be receiving the best Thanksgiving meal imaginable.


You may already a menu in mind. That’s great! Chef Daniel can work with you on customizing and tweaking it until it’s just right. However, you also might not have a clue where to start.


Your Sous Chef has a sample menu full of dishes that are perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Their fruit, cheese, and charcuterie boards are perfect for nibbling on while watching the big game. Smokey Deviled Eggs and Chicken Filo and Wild Mushrooms is a great way to jumpstart your palette for the big meal.


Start your feast with the Butternut Squash Soup, perfect for the fall holiday. The Roasted Game Hen makes a stunning entree served along a side of corn and potatoes. The Spiced Apple Millefeuille, reminiscent of the classic pie, is a splendid ending for your meal. You’ll enjoy this feast of expertly cooking flavors, created just for you.

Stock Up For Your Feast

Barons Market, 31939 Rancho California Rd, Temecula


Maybe you are local to Temecula and are looking to create an impressive holiday spread. Perhaps you are from out of town and staying in accommodations with a full kitchen to prep your feast. Either way, quality ingredients and a great selection are the first keys to a successful meal.


Head over to Barons Market to find everything you need to make your meal amazing. Here, the owner handpicks the items that make it on the shelves at all of his California locations. You know that you will be choosing from the highest quality, most carefully selected ingredients.


The produce, mainly sourced from local farms, is the freshest around. You can also head to the bulk section to pick up just enough pecans for that pie recipe. The deli and olive bar are great options to create a snack tray to keep you fueled while cooking.


Don’t forget your entree. The meat section here offers all kinds of grass-fed and organic meats. Opting for a meat-free feast? Barons Market offers tons of vegetarian options as well.


The store gets a truckload of fresh bread from local baker Bread and Cie every day. This selection allows you to create the perfect bread basket for your table.


This one-stop-shop also offers a wide selection of beverage choices. They have wine and beer to fit nearly any taste or budget. Stock up on everything you need to make this Thanksgiving and delicious and memorable one.

Wine and Dine – Perfectly Pairings for Your Temecula Thanksgiving Meal

things to do in Temecula on Thanksgiving


When planning your Temecula Valley Thanksgiving, wine is an important selection. Not only are you in one of the world’s best wine regions, but you also want a vino that perfectly complements your meal. The wine you choose can pair perfectly with your dishes, elevating your feast to the next level.

Perfect Bubbly for Mimosas

One of the best ways to start your Thanksgiving morning is with a festive mimosa. This blend of sparkling wine and juice is also the perfect drink to sip as you get ready for the day or prep your feast. You can go for the standard blend of bubbly and OJ or mix it up a bit for a fun twist.

A Classic Choice

Prosecco is a great choice for a classic mimosa. When in the area, a visit to Europa Village is a must-do. Plus you can pick up a bottle of refreshing Prosecco right from the on-site Vienza Winery. This delicate sparkling wine is delicious when mixed with your fave orange juice.

A Unique Twist

Maybe you aren’t a fan of orange juice, or maybe you are just looking for a new take on the classic. Thornton Winery offers a Brut Rosé that makes a yummy foundation for a mimosa that breaks from the norm. Grapefruit or cranberry juice makes for an amazing blend!

The Best Wine for Turkey

You may have opted to go with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey as your entree. This is a super-versatile choice that pairs well with a ton of different wines. Fortunately, there are some local favorites that will be great choices to sip with your perfectly cooked bird.

White Wine with Turkey

White wine is the old standby to pair with poultry. A balanced white will go well with your meal and allow the flavors to shine. Plus, an awesome Charddonay is tasty enough to stand alone after your meal.


Do yourself a favor and head over to South Coast Winery and pick up a bottle of their 2018 Reference Chardonnay. The complex wine is aged in European oak barrels, giving it the perfect notes. Not a fan of oak-aged whites? The winery also offers a Chardonnay Sans Chene that is aged in steel barrels. Or buy both and compare the two for a fun Thanksgiving tasting!

Red Wine with Turkey

Gone is the rule of white wine with poultry. Red wine also has its place at the Thanksgiving table. It is also a great choice if your Thanksgiving evening happens to be on the chilly side.


Malbec is having a big moment right now in the wine world. It also happens to be a great wine to pair with dinner. The award-winning 2014 Malbec from Doffo Winery is well worth the splurge. This local favorite is sure to take your feast to the next level.


Stand Alone Sippers

Before and after dinner, you’re likely participating in other Thanksgiving Day festivities. Whether you are prepping the meal, enjoying football, or playing board games with family, a glass of great wine is a must. Finding a wine that is flavorful enough to stand alone will heighten your enjoyment.


Award-Winning Reds

Head to Callaway Winery to pick up a few bottles. You can even schedule a tasting so you can narrow down your favorites. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. This award-winning winery is churning out some of the best around.


The 2013 Owner’s Private Reserve is worth the splurge. This vintage is full of flavor with a clean impeccable finish. You can also try the 2016 Special Selection Zinfandel for a more budget-friendly option. The lower price point doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. With flavors of strawberry and tobacco and a juicy finish, it’s a must-try!

Sustainable Whites

At Monte De Oro Winery, they are committed to sustainability. They also happen to make some delicious and refreshing white wines, all while being kind to the Earth. What’s not to love?


Pick up a bottle of their Pinot Gris for fruity and floral notes. Their Sauvignon Blanc is light, crisp, and refreshing. If you are looking for something a little more unique, the Nostimo is a delicious choice with notes of tropical fruits and apples.

Amazing Dessert Wine Options

Now that you have selected amazing wines to accompany your meal, why stop at the dessert course? Dessert wines are perfect to complement the sweet ending to your meal. No matter the type of sweet treat you are serving, there’s a perfect pairing out there.

Pie-Friendly Pairings

Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards offers a few dessert wines. However, their awesome selection of white wines is where you can find the perfect pie pairing. Stop by this stunning estate and pick up a bottle for your pie of choice.


Their Winemaker’s Select Moscato is a fruit-forward wine that will be amazing alongside the traditional apple pie. If you’re serving the classic pumpkin pie, Wilson Creek’s White Cabernet Savignon has big flavors that can pair well with the richness of your dessert. Their Sunset Seranade blend, a combo of Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer, is amazing with cherry pie.


Pairing with Chocolate

Chocolate is not always the traditional choice for Thanksgiving. However, true chocoholics know that it’s a must after every great feast. Whether you are opting for a rich chocolate cake or delicate and flaky, torte, there’s a perfect wine for your dessert.


Ponte Winery has a unique offering that’s perfect for your fall celebration. Their 2018 Late Harvest blend was created with grapes harvested near the end of the season, spot-on for your Thanksgiving theme! The result is a balanced, sweet wine that’s delicious with the chocolaty ending to your meal!

Where to Stay – Plenty of Temecula Valley Options

Thanksgiving in Temecula


If you’re traveling to the region, you’ll want to find yourself the perfect place to stay, and well in advance. The area is a popular choice for holidays and accommodations can book up quickly. Luckily, there are options that are perfect for everyone.


Maybe you are from the area and you’re looking for a central gathering spot. Temecula’s location between San Deigo and Los Angeles makes it a super convenient place to meet. Booking rooms or a rental allows you to gather in one place.


You might even simply need more space to host your holiday gathering. Don’t let the size of your home dictate your guest list. Look for options that can accommodate everyone in your family for a memorable celebration.

Renting a Home for Full Flexibility

Renting a house or condo allows you to have the ultimate flexibility. You can still go out to eat or order in from any of Temecula’s great spots. However, a full kitchen can give you the chance to prep your meals right in your temporary home.


Rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO have tons of great listings in Temecula. There are lots of size options and various amenities. You can find a home that fits your needs and also appeals to your style and taste.


Maybe you are traveling as a couple or a small family. A guest house or even a spare room can be an economic option. This gives you a chance to use a home’s full amenities at fraction of the price.


You can also rent an entire property that fits your group. A small home or cottage will be perfect for your small group. If you are planning to have Thanksgiving with extended family, look into larger properties. There are stunning estates and villas in the area that can host well over ten guests.


Look for amenities that make sense for your group. You will obviously want a well-stocked kitchen if you plan to cook. However, a pool, hot tub, or rec room may make your Thanksgiving weekend even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Area Hotels for a Relaxing Retreat in the Temecula Valley

Maybe you want a fully relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Book a room at one of the Temecula area hotels for the ultimate retreat. From cooking to cleaning, it will all be taken care of. You’ll enjoy a relaxing vacation without even having to lift a finger.


South Coast Winery Resort and Spa is one of the area’s most popular places to stay, and for good reason. This sprawling estate is stunning and has loads of amenities. A stay here is definitely a great way to treat yourself.


Enjoy the well-appointed guest rooms and beautiful grounds. Book yourself a deep tissue massage at the spa for an invigorating Thanksgiving morning treat. You can even make a reservation at the property’s on-site restaurant, The Vineyard Rose, for your Thanksgiving meal.


The Ponte Vineyard Inn is another spectacular option. This Spanish-style resort is bursting with beauty and charm. The spacious guest rooms are the perfect place to kick back and relax. Splurge for a room with a patio and enjoy the vineyard views as you sip your favorite vino.


Here, you can choose between two amazing restaurants for your Thanksgiving meal. Bouquet Restaurant uses local ingredients to craft delicious dishes served with stunning views. Start your Thanksgiving Day with a brunch of Avocado Toast or Short Rib Hash. You can also make a reservation for dinner and enjoy a delectable feast.


The resort also boasts The Restaurant at Ponte. Situated with views of the vineyard, this eatery allows for a memorable outdoor Thanksgiving meal. Their seasonally rotating menu will allow you to choose from your fall favorites to create the perfect meal.

Rounding Out Your Thanksgiving Weekend

Having a Wedding in Temecula Valley

You didn’t come to the Temecula Valley for just one meal, did you? Luckily, there’s plenty of activities to make your Thanksgiving weekend full of fun. Schedule a few to fully enjoy the region and your time with loved ones.

A Fun Wine Tour

When you’re in wine country, checking out a winery or three is a must-do. But don’t spend the day, aimlessly driving around, trying to find the area’s best wineries. Book a tour to relax and enjoy the whole process.


Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours offers some pretty cool options. Their all-inclusive wine tour is the best way to spend a day in the valley. Kick back as you’re shuttled around to three of the area’s best wineries. Your expert wine tour guide will show you all of the ins and outs of these spectacular estates.


You’ll enjoy tastings from some of the region’s most seasoned winemakers. Learn as you visit their properties and tasting rooms. You won’t even have to worry about stopping for food. Your tour includes a fresh and healthy lunch of your choosing.


This five-hour tour will take you around the valley in an open-air cable car. Enjoy the California sun and warm breeze as you winery hop and enjoy your day. It’s definitely a Thanksgiving weekend activity that’s sure to become a tradition.

Beautiful Hiking Scenery

Maybe your Thanksgiving feast has you feeling sluggish. A hike is a perfect way to get moving and boost your energy. In the Temecula area, being in the great outdoors is a great way to enjoy a fall weekend.


Take the drive to The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve. This 7,500-acre property is well worth the short trip. Once home to Native Americans and later a cattle ranch, this land is diverse and interesting.


Enjoy a hike along one of the park’s many trails. The area is full of undisturbed woodlands and grassy areas. Keep your eyes peeling for the population of native wildlife that frequents the area. The area weather makes a day-long visit to this park both comfortable and pleasant.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Temecula-Style

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Temecula


Thanksgiving is a holiday all about celebrating the great things in life. Being in the Temecula Valley with the ones you love can make for an unforgettable holiday. Planning ahead can ensure that you have a perfect Thanksgiving getaway.


A carefully selected menu can create a feast you can all enjoy. Finding the right wines to pair with your meal can take it to the next level. And in an area full of great wine, discovering the perfect bottle will be a fun and easy process.


Make the most of your Thanksgiving in Temecula. The region has great weather and plenty of things to enjoy. Create a full weekend of fun, memories, and quality time together. Now, that’s something to be thankful for.