Temecula wine harvestAs summer dissipates and autumn descends upon California, a certain mystique settles over Temecula Valley Wine Country. The grapes turn a different color as a cold crispness comes over the air.

There’s a particular sense of community and pulling together as the busiest time of year arrives. Temecula vineyards that have painstakingly taken care of their grape varietals are now ready to do the hardest part of the job. There’s an excitement and sense of urgency about the important work that needs to be done.

Harvest season begins for some Temecula wineries as early as July, extending later into November and even beyond for many. In California, grapes used for sparkling wines are harvested as early as July. White wines often come next. Many red wine grapes are often left to linger on the vine as long as possible to create those deep, rich flavors.

It is amidst this beehive activity that many people find a visit to Temecula wineries more charming than ever.

Why Harvest Season is the Best Time to visit Temecula Wine Valley Country

Indulge in grape Stomps and other magical festivities

Lucille Ball made grape stomping look fabulously fun on I Love Lucy, leaving many viewers wondering what it might be like to actually frolic in a barrel full of grapes—or at least watch others partake from the safety of more solid ground.

In terms of producing the wine itself, grape stomping has been replaced by other more efficient (not to mention sanitary) methods. But the grape stomping tradition is still alive and well, and some Temecula wineries offer this cherished activity as part of their harvest festivities.

Other activities include live concerts, special dinners, and wine classes under the harvest moon.

Temecula’s vineyards come alive in Technicolor splendor

Just like everything else in nature, wineries have their seasons. As the blazing heat of summer recedes and fall approaches, Temecula vineyards put on their full array of autumn enchantments, with leaves tinged in fiery red and glittering gold. It is truly nature putting on a dazzling display of color against the backdrop of an already incredible landscape.

Observe the secrets of winemaking

While whiskey makers and beer brewers have year in and out to perfect their craft, winemakers have one chance at crafting the perfect vintage for that year. There’s no re-do for harvest time. Imagine the enormous amount of pressure this puts on winemakers!
With all hands on deck and the an entire year’s worth of crops at stake, a visit to Temecula wineries during harvest season is bound to offer chances to observe what goes on behind the scenes in crafting your favorite glass of vino. You’re sure to gain a deeper appreciation for the winemaking craft.

Enjoy the romance of the Temecula’s harvest season… by cable car!

Enjoying the unique beauties of Temecula is something every Southern Californian should experience at some point. And the best way to to do it might just be the most unexpected as well— by cable car!

Temecula Valley Cable Cars offers a taste of that Napa Valley and San Francisco charm right in Temecula’s own backyard. Boarding a lovingly restored cable car, they offer not only an unparalleled view of the landscape, but a strong dose of extraordinary historic charm that pairs perfectly with any kind of wine.

Their close relationships with the best Temecula wineries give you better odds of learning a thing of two about the winemaking process. Also, there’s none of that added stress that comes from worrying about crowded tasting rooms or reservations. They take care of all the logistics for you. Book Your Tour Now

DH Lawrence famously said, “If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night.” This is never more true than aboard a magical cable car, soaring across Temecula’s enchanted wine region, in the heart of harvest season.