Wine is consistently ranked highly on people’s list of favorite drinks – perhaps because good quality wine can trigger the body into producing endorphins (one of the natural chemicals in our bodies responsible for feeling pleasure). Here in wine country, one can indulge in not only their fill of luxurious wines, but on the breathtaking views of Southern California, as well. With at least 40 local wineries, Temecula Valley is a wine connoisseur’s dream.

If you ever find yourself spending the weekend here in Temecula Valley, here are a few things you should do:


1. Take a Wine Tour in a Cable Car

Climb aboard a historic cable car, and go on the best and most unique winery tour in the Temecula wine country! At Cable Car Wine Tours, guests can enjoy an immersive tour of local wineries while riding in a fully-restored, 1914 cable car originally from San Francisco. Their cable cars are open-air, providing unobstructed views of the beautiful wine country landscape while adding a fun and exciting twist to your day. All-inclusive and private wine tours available.


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2. Get Lucky 

One of the biggest resort casinos on the West Coast is situated in Temecula – the Pechanga Resort & Casino. This resort allows guests to try their luck in one of their 5,000 slot machines. Imagine a Vegas-like experience minus the crowd.

There are several ways to experience fun in this resort. Try out their award-winning golf course, spend some time in their impressive lounges, and fill up on sumptuous meals. The casino offers luxurious and premium vacation escapades, available for all ages.

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3. Go Horseback Riding

A laid-back, romantic activity to cap off your weekend is horseback riding – a truly one-of-a-kind way to experience the vineyards and rolling hills of Temecula Valley.

Wine Country Trails by Horseback offers a short ride near the Maurice Car’rie Vineyard. If it’s your first time, no need to worry! This ride doesn’t require horseback riding experience. It’s perfect for anyone of any skill level. So saddle up and get ready for this relaxing, special activity you and your partner will never forget.


4. Experience a Haunted Wine Tour

Join Temecula Cable Car Tours on the most spirited adventure in Southern California! Meet your costumed guide at Black Market Brewing, one of the city’s first craft breweries, for your choice of beer, then climb into an open-air cable car for a trip to Old Town Temecula.

Along the way, your guide will share the spooky beginnings of this once Wild West Town. You will have some photo opportunities in front of some of the most haunted locations in Temecula and walk the footsteps of the early settlers and pioneers (some of whom have never left)! This will surely be a tour that’ll keep you up at night.


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5. Go on a Balloon Adventure

Aside from being a wine country, Temecula is also a ballooning country! In the past, locals adored hot air balloons so much that they created a festival entirely dedicated to the pastime.

Sky’s The Limit Ballooning Adventure and California Dreamin’ Balloon Adventures offer locals and tourists the chance to experience what it’s like from above. Each balloon is inspected daily by its pilots and crew (along with an FAA-certified inspection facility), so your safety is guaranteed.

Exploring hot air balloons is perfect for couples and groups of people who’d like to witness the beauty of the vineyards and mountains of Temecula from high up above.


Off On Your Adventure

Enjoy your weekend in Temecula Valley, and don’t forget to capture every exciting part. Temecula is a lovely place to do extraordinary things, so hop to it!

If you need assistance planning the wine tasting portion of your stay, reach out to Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours for all your touring needs